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Crystalia4Sea advanced Water Systems expanding to meet changing market demands

Ship Owners Include Potable Water and the Marine Environment as Priorities

During a case study presentation on potable water jointly delivered by George Stroumpoulis, Environment and Energy Performance Manager for Prime Marine and Giorgos Kyriazis, Associate of P Ship Systems at the International Marine Procurement Association (IMPA) 2022 Sustainability Conference in Greece, P Ship Systems launched its Crystalia4Sea suite of water processing systems to support ship owners as they reprioritize potable water for crew and the reduction of plastic on board in their sustainability planning. The Crystalia4Sea line of systems is available immediately.

Following the unparalleled success of P Ship Systems solutions in the drinking water treatment vessel area for international shipping companies and their ocean-going vessels, with systems characterized as “Best Practice by two reputable Oil Majors,” P Ship Systems designed and launched their unique Crystalia4Sea marine brand name consisting of its 2nd Generation systems COMPACT, X3 and 600 which will very soon be followed by their 3rd Generation marine systems, Crystalia4Sea 800 and Crystalia4Sea 900. The name “Crystalia” references “pure like crystal.”

“Our success in the marine space is driven by our extensive technical background in ship’s water existing infrastructure, in combination with our deep hands-on field-tested knowledge and experience with onboard water itself and its dynamic elements,” remarked P Ship Systems’ Kyriazis. “The shipping industry relies upon us to help them meet their sustainability goals and help them provide high quality water while managing costs and reducing environmental impacts.”

In addition to gaining recognition amongst oil majors, customers are also noting the company and its products. “As part of our Sustainability Policy, we strive daily to stay one step ahead of the industry’s existing regulations by implementing environmentally friendly solutions in our fleet and by installing energy efficient technologies in our vessels. The positive results of our actions are very clear since our company’s environmental impact is reduced and the returns of our investments are improved” stated Mr. Stroumpoulis of Prime Marine, who are currently using P Ship System’s units across their fleet. “Drinking water systems [of P Ship systems] are easily maintained and 24/7 support is provided by designated experts. Excellent quality fresh water is produced onboard our vessels and the need for plastic bottle provision has ceased to exist. Drinking water system installation has already been implemented in 5 LPG Carriers and 44 Tanker vessels.”

While P Ship Systems’ suite of water purifying systems have been deemed “Best Practice for Drinking Water” by two global oil major companies, numerous ship owners have realized dramatic benefits from the over 2200 systems already in circulation. Not only do the systems support crew welfare, but the reduction of plastic bottle use helps the environment. These two elements provide distinct ESG advantages to shipowners interested in mariner welfare and sustainability.

With a global presence, P Ship Systems is poised to deliver and support its systems wherever shipping is concentrated. Its systems are easy to install, maintain and are backed up by full documentation and long-term unique dedicated support by trained personnel, based on a ticketing system. With logistics in Singapore, Rotterdam and Piraeus, the company’s distribution has grown from 320 systems in 2019 to 2.200+ systems to date.

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