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Meet our Sponsors for the 3rd CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference – Aphentrica Marine Insurance Brokers – Sponsor

Cyprus Shipping News is delighted to announce Aphentrica Marine Insurance Brokers as a Sponsor of the 3rd CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference “Roadmap in Maritime Digital Transformation”.

Aphentrica Marine Insurance Brokers Ltd was established in Cyprus in 1994 as specialist marine brokers and have since grown to become a leading broking and insurance consulting firm in the region with a strong presence in Cyprus, Greece and the East Med.

Aphentrica handles the full gamut of Hull, War, LOH, K&R, P&I, Liability, Aviation and Cargo insurances as well as other specialist products. Our portfolio consists of some of the world’s most reputable shipping companies as well as governmental entities and provides insurance consultancy to financial institutions and law firms.

The Aphentrica team consists of 12 highly skilled and dedicated professionals, experts in various maritime fields. We boast over 150 years of combined market experience, consisting of P&I specialists, Hull and Machinery brokers and in-house maritime lawyers.

The average time in service of our team members is 12 years, a stability which allows our multifaceted clientele to develop strong relationships with all the members of their service team and gives us a good understanding of their operation which is key to evaluating the risk and delivering optimum insurance solutions.

In parallel, our extended knowledge of the insurance market combined with our strong, long-established relationships with quality insurers, who provide unrivalled professionalism in their handling and settlement of claims, allows us to deliver the most appropriate cover, aligned with our clients’ overall risk profile, operating philosophy, aspirations and needs at the most competitive price.

The results of such service are profoundly evident in the company’s experience by numbers. Over the last 5 years Aphentrica’s office has handled in excess of 900 P&I/FDD claims, averaging to about 180 claims per year, and over 50 Hull and Machinery in the past 5 years, with an impressive 100% success ratio.

Aphentrica’s multi-angular team provides the company with the ability to build a servicing structure around each individual client, irrespective of how specialised and niche their business might be, guaranteeing the delivery of an exceptional service.

At Aphentrica we truly believe that service goes well beyond a standard insurance offering and that sustainable relationships are built on the trust of meeting expectations. You can expect us to meet every aspect of your insurance needs with trust, respect, clarity and transparency.

Registered and regulated by the Insurance Superintendent of the Cyprus Ministry of Finance.
Member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber
Member of CYMEPA.
One of the first overseas brokers in 2005 to be granted Open Market Correspondent (OMC) status from Lloyd’s of London

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