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AFAIA Technologies leads the way of the Greek Shipping Community to Decarbonisation

AFAIA Technologies Ltd is a recently founded company by Charidimos Valentakis, aiming to provide consultancy and innovative solutions to the maritime industry concerning decarbonization strategy, emission monitoring and compliance with respective regulations.

2023 will be a milestone for the decarbonization of the maritime industry due to the new regulations that enter into force aiming to calculate the energy output of vessel’s operation. Historically, it is the dawn of an era in which the vessel will have to report its energy condition and make decisions that will affect its technical, operational and commercial profile while at the same time these decisions will affect ultimately the viability and prosperity of the management company, the charterers and all the involved stakeholders of vessel‘s “ecosystem”.

Furthermore, it is the first time that the maritime industry becomes a significant player in the global effort to adverse the climate change effects and contribute to the reduction of the temperature rise of the planet.

AFAIA Technologies Ltd consists of a team of people with long standing expertise in vessels’ operation who have joined forces in order to provide guidance to the maritime industry to be compliant with the new regulations, to optimize vessel’s position in the energy roadmap and maximize their profitability.

Within this frame, AFAIA developed the Emissions Monitoring Tool (EMT), which calculates the CII category and the EU ETS emissions of the vessel on voyage and annual basis. The EMT can provide aggregated data of the CII category per vessel, provide benchmarking data between the vessels of the same company and between the average CII numbers of the market. Moreover, the EMT can calculate the EU ETS emissions, provide the number and the cost of the required allowances related to each EU voyage for each vessel and for the whole company.

The EMT aims to assist shipowners, management companies, bunkering companies, charterers, ports, and P&I clubs to monitor the CII and the EU ETS CO2 emissions on annual and on voyage basis providing a precious prediction tool that will be able to determine the vessels’ energy output, the indices defined by the regulation and the associated cost for each voyage. Based on this information, the vessel’s operator will be able to make the most cost-efficient decisions in the context of ship’s compliance with the decarbonization regulations.

In the next months, the spotlight will be on the maritime industry and the way the new regulations will be implemented. The shipping community will need to prove to the world its readiness and its sense of responsibility towards environmental awareness and that proper attention is being given to regulatory measures to mitigate climate change effects.

AFAIA Technologies Ltd is confident that the EMT will provide valuable assistance to the maritime industry to depict vessels energy profile and make the right decisions so as to have the most cost effective and compliant operations.

In AFAIA Technologies Ltd we believe that sustainable shipping is a global responsibility and at the same time a great challenge for the maritime world and we are committed to the deployment of the green concept to vessels’ operation.

AFAIA Technologies Ltd will participate in Posidonia 2022 with EUPLOIA DRYDOCKS & SERVICES LTD Stand No 2.101, Hall 2.

The first official presentation of the Emissions Monitoring Tool will take place during the exhibition. Throughout the exhibition we will be available to make presentations, to discuss about the EMT & to answer any questions.

Source: Euploia Drydocks & Services Ltd.

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