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Tototheo Maritime presents at the Cyprus Marine Club members’ meeting how to mitigate cyberthreats in the shipping industry

On 19th April  2022, Cyprus Marine Club held a presentation from Tototheo Maritime by Mr. Constantinos Spyrou, Chief Commercial Officer and Mr. Charis Makris, Pre-Sales Engineer.

Driven by the need to move faster at a global scale while reducing costs, companies are consciously or unconsciously, undergoing digital transformation. This evolution includes the adoption of new technologies that widen the possible attack surface, leaving network perimeters vulnerable to advanced threats, resulting in a complex security environment.

During their presentation, Mr. Spyrou and Mr. Makris identified the threats to our industry and the solutions needed to mitigate those threats. Securing an organization’s assets requires a comprehensive approach that addresses all three elements of the cybersecurity spectrum: the processes that provide a clear understanding of their risk status and levels against international standards, guidelines or regulations like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the ISO 27001 and BIMCO Guidelines, the technology, Operational Technology, and Information Technology and the people who operate technology. Recognising and addressing the issue of information security and cyber security in an integrated way is key to building sustainable and scalable resilience.

Capt. E. Koch welcomed members with a brief update and shared membership numbers (135 on the day) and announced the next events on 24th May   – a presentation from Arribatec Marine entitled “ The challenge of profitability management and emissions reduction. Convert your ambitions into actions with Infoship.”, and then EGM, AGM and Annual Dinner of CMC at Amara Hotel on July 1st. Capt. E.  Koch also announced a special event that will be organized on the occasion of Maritime Cyprus 2022  with a guest of honor – Mr. Andreas Hadjiyiannis, the President of the Cyprus Union of Shipowners.

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