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Deutsche Seemannsmission Rostock e.V. received Christmas donation from Aquametro Oil & Marine

This year Aquametro Oil & Marine supports the Christmas campaign of the German Seamen’s Mission in Rostock, Germany with a donation.

The Deutsche Seemannsmission Rostock e.V. has been taking care of the mental and physical well-being of all seafarers who call into the ports of Rostock, Germany since 1991. In the Seafarers Lounge of the Seamen’s Mission, seafarers can unwind from everyday life at sea or contact relatives at home via the free internet service.

As a supplier to the maritime industry, Aquametro Oil & Marine has a close relationship with the shipping industry. “Some of our employees and I have sailed the seven seas ourselves.

Therefore, we know the concerns and needs of seafarers well and how welcome good care is in the port. This is even more important in the current pandemic, which is particularly affecting seafarers. This year we decided to support the Rostock Seamen’s Mission’s Christmas campaign with a donation in kind of items that are most frequently requested, such as warm scarves, hats& gloves, hygiene items and of course chocolate, ”said Axel Schulz, Managing Director of Aquametro Oil & Marine.

On Tuesday, December 14th, 2021, employees of Aquametro Oil & Marine GmbH from Warnemünde, Germany handed over the donation box to Elise Gornick. Ms. Gornick, a young American from Michigan with German roots who is currently completing her Federal Voluntary Service Year in the Rostock Seemannsmission, thanked Aquametro Oil & Marine for the donation in the name of the German Seemannsmission Rostock e.V. From the donations collected, the employees of the Rostock Seemannsmission pack around 500 Christmas parcels, which will be handed-over to seafarers on December 24th.

Aquametro Oil & Marine wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, good luck and health for the New Year as well as always safe journeys on the seven seas.