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DCM Shriram chooses Topsoe’s clearview solution for digitalizing its ammonia facility at Kota, India

  • Shriram Fertilizers & Chemicals (SFC), a unit of DCM Shriram Ltd., will use Topsoe’s ClearViewTMsolution for digitalizing its ammonia plant.
  • The digital platform will expectedly be operational by early 2022.

“We are proud that DCM Shriram Ltd’s has chosen our ClearView™ solution for this innovative project to digitalize its ammonia plant operations at the Kota complex. ClearView™ monitors the plant digitally in near real-time and generates a new level of detailed insights that enables our customers like SFC to optimize plant performance on a continuous basis,” said Alok Verma, Managing Director, Haldor Topsoe Southern Asia.

DCM Shriram’s smmonia plant at Kota is the first ammonia plant in India completely based on Topsoe technology. For almost half a century, the plant has kept itself at the cutting edge of ammonia technology via successful adoption of technological advancements and practices to improve on-stream days, energy efficiency, and low carbon feedstock changeover from Naphtha to natural gas. Digitalization via ClearView™ is the next step in that pioneering journey.

“We are looking forward to optimize our operations by deploying Haldor Topsoe’s cutting edge ClearView™ solution in our ammonia plant. He added “DCM Shriram aims towards digitalizing all its businesses and it’s a pleasure to work with our trusted partner Haldor Topsoe to implement the industry leading digital technology for our ammonia plant,” said Vinoo Mehta, Executive Director & Resident Head – Kota, DCM Shriram Ltd.

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