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Sri Lanka opens country’s main airport for crew logistic services

Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka has granted acceptance to proceed with the crew change and sea marshal services for the international seafarers through the country’s main airport to facilitate the travel on commercial flights said Chinthaka Jayaweera, General Manager of MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of MAC Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Sri Lanka is identified as a safe strategically important location in the maritime industry for logistic services for ships passing through the east-west sea route as a result of its geographical location. Crew logistics, Ship supplies, Sea Marshal operations are few main activities that Sri Lanka has become a strategic  location over the years. However, Sri Lanka remained closed for the foreign seafarers and sea marshals to travel through the commercial flights from countries main airport as a result of COVID-19 pandemic during the lockdown periods.

Vaccination program of the country has shown a vast improvement against the COVID-19 and now country is fully open for the business activities including logistic services for the maritime industry.

This would be an huge relief for the shipowners and managers to plan logistic services for their ships under competitive rates said Chinthaka. MAC Holdings Private Limited celebrated 25 years of excellence, keeping in mind cumulative experience through its subsidiary MAC Equity Maritime Services Limited which boast an 150 year old acquired history  in the maritime industry with vast experience and industry knowledge. Company plays a vital role in the agency services to wider range of customers vessels calling to the ports in Sri Lanka as well as vessels passing through the off-port limits. MAC Equity is a TRACE certified company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka with the presence in the Colombo, Galle, Hambantota and Trincomalee ports.

(customers can reach MAC Equity over the operations@macholdings.com)