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Container Logistics insights report – November 2021 from Container xChange

As part of our monthly container logistics insights initiative, we bring you this month’s highlights and lowlights of the container logistics industry. The report attached, covers China’s Golden Week and its impact thereafter on container prices and container availability, covers the insights from different countries and regions and how container prices moved since the last few months.

PR – Monthly Container Logistics Update-compressed

Key Insights from the report-

  1. In China, Container prices plateaued in October soon after the Golden Week, but it seems the respite was only temporary. While the average sales price for 40 ft high cube containers are either stable or fallen in the month of October, the average prices for 20 feet dry containers have risen during the same period.
  2. The inbound containers in Shanghai are 4X of what it was in the year 2020 at the same time (October).
  3. The average one-way pick-up rates Ex China to US have reduced in the month of October indicating that the peak-season cargo has left the ports and the situation has started to show signs of easing.
  4. In India, the general trend of rising average container prices continues since the beginning of this year till the month of October. The prices are forecasted to continue to increase from here following the same pattern
  5. The average prices for a 40 HC have slashed at the ports of Rotterdam, and Hamburg in Europe
  6. In US, the average prices for a forty feet high cube container have dropped marginally at the long Beach port.  A box that costed around $4720 in September, can now cost around $4675

The report contains insights observed globally as well as for other countries like US, Vietnam, India, Europe and covers an analysis of container prices and availability to give a perspective of how the month of October has been for the industry. We hope you find this insightful.

Source: Container xChange