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MABUX: Bunker prices may demonstrate irregular changes on Oct 26

The Bunker Review was contributed by Marine Bunker Exchange (MABUX)

MABUX World Bunker Index (consists of a range of prices for 380 HSFO, VLSFO and MGO in the main world hubs) demonstrated multidirectional changes on October 25:

380 HSFO – USD/MT: 536.68 (-0.42)
VLSFO – USD/MT: 655.39 (+4.93)
MGO – USD/MT: 769.75 (-3.02)

As of October 25, a correlation of MABUX MBP Index (Market Bunker Prices) vs MABUX DBP Index (Digital Bunker Prices Benchmark) in four largest global hubs showed that 380 HSFO fuel grade was overvalued in two out of four ports: in Rotterdam – plus $ 1 (plus $ 10 the day before) and in Fujairah – plus $ 7 (plus $11 the day before). In Houston, the 380 HSFO fuel grade MABUX MBP was undervalued by minus $4 (plus $6 the day before), in Singapore – MABUX MBP Index 100% correlated to MABUX DBP Index (plus $ 11 the day before). The most significant changes were registered in Singapore (the decrease of $11), and Fujairah – the decrease of $10.

VLSFO, according to the MABUX MBP / DBP Index, was overcharged on October 25 in three out of four selected ports. The overcharge ratio was: in Rotterdam – plus $10 (plus $12 the day before), Singapore – plus $1 (no changes), in Fujairah – plus $3 (plus $10 the day before). In Houston this fuel grade was undercharged by – minus $ 7 (minus $ 2). The most significant changes on October 25 was registered in Fujairah – the decrease of $ 7.

MGO LS, according to the MABUX MBP / DBP Index, remained underestimated on October 25 in all selected ports: in Rotterdam – minus $ 29 (minus $27), minus $ 27 (no changes) in Singapore, minus $ 15 (minus $ 9) in Fujairah, in Houston this kind of fuel was undercharged by minus $8 (minus $10 the day before) in Houston. The most significant change of MABUX MBP / DBP Index was also registered in Fujairah – the decrease of $6 compared to the day before.

We expect global bunker prices may demonstrate slight irregular changes today: prices for 380 HSFO may change within plus/minus 1-3 USD/MT as well as for VLSFO, prices for MGO may increase by 8-10 USD/MT

Source: www.mabux.com

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