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New AMSA compliance plan outlines the five focus areas for 2021-22

The AMSA National Compliance Plan 2021-22 is now available.

The plan provides industry with practical guidance and a clear view of the five compliance focus areas over the next year:

Focus area 1 — Port State and Flag State Control

Focus area 2 — Maritime Labour Convention

Focus area 3 — Domestic commercial vessels

Focus area 4 — Search and rescue (beacon registration)

Focus area 5 — Environmental

Our regulatory approach is to support industry by providing information to make it easier for industry to ensure their operations are compliant with the national law.

Each focus area is informed by safety data analysis and the expertise of AMSA subject matter experts across all business areas providing clear direction to the areas we need to be working in. In 2021-22 this includes two new focus areas to increase beacon registration and prevent pollution from ships.

This rigour ensures our efforts are focused on the areas of greatest risk for our stakeholders, and greatest opportunity for improvements.

This also ensures that the compliance response activities are effective and targeted, and that we are applying a risk-based response to assess non-compliance.

The 2021-22 compliance plan is part of a continuous improvement-led approach to clearly identify safety and compliance priorities for domestic commercial vessels and regulated Australian and foreign-flagged commercial vessels in Australian waters.

Read the AMSA National Compliance Plan 2021-22 for more detail.

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