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Q88 LLC launches Phosphoric Acid / Stainless Steel Compatibility Calculation Tool

Q88 continues to expand value in its Milbros product portfolio.

Q88 LLC, a global provider of SaaS technology to the maritime industry, launches a new Stainless Steel/Phosphoric Acid Compatibility Calculation Tool within Milbros solution. Available to Milbros Premium Subscribers, this new compatibility calculation tool uses a unique combination of scientific and SS producers testing information in an easy-to-use format to allow users to quickly determine the risk level of stainless steel damage when considering a prospective, phosphoric acid cargo.

The calculation tool is based on compatibility with SS grade AISI 316L / EN 1.4404 / 17-
12-2.5, the tool also works for SS grades AISI 316LN, AISI 317L as well as 2205 Duplex
which has higher tolerance for fluoride and chloride levels in phosphoric acid. Easily input eight typical specifications for phosphoric acid, including expected loading/carriage temperature to receive instant results.

Captain Soren Ibsen, VP of Milbros Systems says, “This is a great tool for our customers
and the industry at large; owners, operators, and/or managers considering carrying
crude phosphoric acid are provided with useful information as to which parameters
are close to, or exceeding, the maximum allowed limits which in turn increases the risk
for tank lining damage.” He continues, “Preventing SS damage by using this tool is
better than any insurance policy that covers damage repairs because users will be
given the needed information to not fix or not load high-risk cargoes in advance.”

“This module demonstrates our ongoing commitment to expanding the value of our
Milbros Premium offering by adding a tool that evaluates the risk of carrying
phosphoric acid during the pre-fixture stage,” said Fritz Heidenreich, President of Q88.
Q88 has been a maritime tech innovator for 20 years and providing the right solution
like Phosphoric Acid Compatibility Calculation Tool is another example of our commitment to providing chemical tankers with the tools they need to manage the hectic demands they face.

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