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SEDNA partners with Veson Nautical to increase its shipping applications portfolio and streamline mission-critical systems

SEDNA, the intelligent communications system for the world’s leading shipping organisations, has collaborated with Veson Nautical, the leader in commercial freight and voyage management, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate pertinent operational data from the Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) with relevant email and communications from the SEDNA solution. The turnkey integration utilises VIP data to assist in the automation of identifying, tagging, and ordering email messages to facilitate smarter, safer, and more productive maritime communications. As a result, organisations and team members can work more efficiently and effectively both together and as individuals.

Mutual clients can use the context of the voyage and underlying contracts to automatically create an organisational structure for incoming emails that saves time, reduces mistakes, and promotes efficiency. For existing SEDNA clients who do not currently use VIP, this integration enhances the value of their SEDNA data, as teams can now form a centralised, contextualised workflow for internal and external communications within the context of their commercial operations. SEDNA’s open APIs allow for seamless integration with a company’s mission-critical systems such as VIP, giving users the information they need to collaborate on projects without having to switch between applications.

Lakshmi Baskaran, Vice President of Engineering at SEDNA says: “We’re delighted to work with Veson Nautical to expand our shipping applications portfolio and enable mutual clients to derive more value from SEDNA’s shared workspace, where emails and internal notes can be drafted, sent, and shared across teams all in one place. At SEDNA, we’re committed to providing a solution that improves efficiency and productivity while streamlining communications. By integrating with VIP, relevant voyage communications, conversations, documents and associated actions are now visible to the whole team within SEDNA, directly addressing the problem of over-reliance on traditional email systems.”

Graham Piasecki, Director of Commercial Strategy at Veson noted: “We are excited to welcome SEDNA on board the Veson Partner Network as a Platform Partner. This integration can unlock transformative benefits and alleviate a problem that has long persisted in the maritime and trading space: congested, disjointed communications and email overload.

“By enabling the connection of our clients’ operations and decision making within VIP with the business-critical communications facilitated through SEDNA, we can empower our clients to reduce manual processes and information silos, unlock powerful insights, and achieve true continuity across their organisation.”

Veson Nautical and SEDNA will continue to work collaboratively to enable more efficient and effective communications for leading maritime organisations.

Source: SEDNA

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