Home Technical The Mercury corvette superstructure delivered to Severnaya Verf Shipyard from SNSZ

The Mercury corvette superstructure delivered to Severnaya Verf Shipyard from SNSZ

Photo credit: Severnaya Verf

A superstructure built at St. Petersburg, Russia based Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard  (SNSZ, part of USC) for the Mercury corvette (Project 20386), has been delivered to Severnaya Verf Shipyard PAO, the shipbuilding company said.

The superstructure made of composite materials was developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau for Project 20386. This structure with high strength and reduced specific gravity to accommodate modern systems and equipment, accommodations for the crew.

The superstructure was delivered to Severnaya Verf by a barge. The unloading operation took several hours: the barge laden with the superstructure was placed in shipyard’s floating dock and having pumped water out raised it to the same level with the slipway, installed ship-carrying slipway trolleys under the barge and rolled it onto the shipbuilding ways, where the superstructure was moved by two cranes to the site for further outfitting.

Work on the corvette hull is now underway.

Multipurpose corvettes of Project 20386 are intended for operations in the coastal and offshore zones against enemy surface ships and submarines as well as artillery support for amphibious assault forces. The ship armament includes a 100-mm ship artillery gun A-190 and two 30-mm artillery guns AK-630, Uran anti-ship missile complex, Redut air defence missile complex, etc. The ship will have a Ka-27PL helicopter hangar.

Severnaya Verf Shipyard (corporate member of United Shipbuilding Corporation) is among leading shipbuilding companies of Russia’s defence industry. The company was founded on November 14, 1912, as Putilovskaya Shipyard. Since then the shipbuilding company has built more than 600 warships and commercial vessels, including cruisers, destroyers, minesweepers, patrol vessels and submarines destroyers, research and passenger vessels, timber cargo carriers, trawlers, container ships and Ro-Ro vessels, tugboats and floating docks. The shipyard’s backlog of orders currently includes the series of frigates, corvettes and other vessels.

The history of Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard based in Saint-Petersburg dates back to 1912. Today the shipyard is a subsidiary of the Russian shipbuilding conglomerate, the United Shipbuilding Corporation. The company is a leader in composite shipbuilding in Russia. The vessels are manufactured from conventional steel, composite materials, low-magnetic steel, aluminum-magnesium alloys. The shipyard has built over 500 warships and vessels of 43 designs for the Russian Navy and foreign customers.

See more in a video release provided by Severnaya Verf Video

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