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Offshore-carrieres focus on wind

New analysis from Danish Shipping shows that Danish offshore shipping companies are increasingly focusing on wind instead of oil. Since 2015, virtually all new build offshore vessels under Danish flag have been built to primarily service offshore wind far

Tasks at sea around offshore wind farms and offshore installations require special vessels. The ships must be able to operate very close to turbines and rigs, even in high waves.

In recent years, offshore shipping companies have to a large extent exclusively ordered vessels from the shipyards intended for offshore wind.

Since 2015, only one vessel under Danish flag with the purpose of servicing oil/gas has been ordered, while 24 vessels to service offshore wind have been ordered. In addition, one vessel has been ordered for both purposes.

“It clearly shows that Danish shipping companies have wholeheartedly embarked on the green transition and understand that even though oil/gas activities will be here for many years to come, growth must be found in wind. Our shipping companies are a very important part of the development of offshore wind both in Denmark and in Europe and can also be that in the rest of the world, “says Jacob K. Clasen, Deputy Director General and Deputy CEO of Danish Shipping.


The development is due to increased demand for offshore wind vessels that can install turbines, transport spare parts and technicians to the offshore wind installations and carry out the many maritime tasks in connection with expansion of offshore wind.

In addition, a large fall in oil prices in 2014 contributed to many offshore shipping companies choosing to spread their business more widely.

The oil/gas vessels will be in demand well into the future in many parts of the world, but in the North Sea the majority of vessels will be offshore wind ships.

“Denmark has big plans for offshore wind, EU has big plans for offshore wind and the Americans among others now also have plans to invest more in offshore wind. It’s an area where Denmark is investing heavily. We have the expertise and the tasks will continue to increase. That’s why it’s really encouraging that so many ships to service offshore wind are being ordered,” says Jacob K. Clasen.

During the lifetime of an offshore wind farm, a minimum of 17 different vessel types are used in connection with installation, service, and removal.

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