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‘The Art of Cooking Nutritional Meals’ webinar by MCTC

MCTC is delighted to announce the launch of our webinar ‘The Art of Cooking Nutritional Meals’, which  takes place on 7 July. Using scientific evidence, we will examine people’s  relationship with food and their wellbeing. The webinar will also explore cooking methods, health and nutritional guidelines, obesity and much more.

Nutritionist, Nichole Stylianou, said: “This webinar is designed to provide vital knowledge to galley crew on the science behind nutrition, but also explain why smell and flavour is so vital. The essence of cooking is in the knowledge of the dishes that you’re creating and having a basic understanding of flavours and why certain things matter.”

Managing Director, Christian Ioannou, added: “As a fully qualified chef, it’s important to deliver nutritional food which also tastes great. Understanding key tastes and flavouring is a basic stepping-stone to cooking delicious dishes.

“The galley crew has a vital role to make dishes that benefit crewmembers’ physical and mental health. Meals onboard are the one time where crew all get together and bond, so the food needs to be enjoyable – and nutritional. ‘The Art of Cooking Nutritional Meals’ webinar will educate and inspire chefs to realise the key role they play in seafarers’ lives, by fueling their bodies with the right nutrients to thrive.”

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