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A new initiative for the arbitration of Human Rights Abuses at Sea

The ongoing development of a new arbitration model and ad hoc international tribunal for addressing human rights abuses at sea by providing an alternative route to effective remedy has been reinforced with a new article for the International Bar Association by our project partners at Shearman and Sterling LLP.

Elise Edson and Alex Marcopoulos write: ‘The proposed new system of human rights at sea arbitration seeks to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the arbitral process in order to solve key challenges impeding the enforcement of existing human rights standards as they apply at sea. […] By ensuring access to an effective remedy for victims of human rights abuses and incentivising compliance with international law, the initiative showcases the important potential for arbitration to strengthen the rule of law – not only on land, but also at sea.’”

Read the full article: ‘A new initiative for the arbitration of human rights abuses at sea‘ HERE

Visit the HRAS Arbitration project website HERE.

Source: HRAS

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