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Swedish Rederi AB Donsötank launched its second LNG-powered oil products and chemical tanker at Chinese Wuhu Shipyard

Right On Time — The Second 22000 DWT Hybrid Chemical Tanker Launched Successfully in Wuhu Shipyard 5 Months Later

On June 10, 2021, the launching ceremony of the 2nd 22000 DWT Hybrid Chemical Tanker (CT) built by Wuhu shipyard Co., Ltd for Sweden Donsö Shipping AB, was successfully held. Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, Wuhu Economic and Information Technology Bureau, Wuhu Development and Reform Commission, Donsö Shipping AB, Clarkson Plato Ship Brokers, DNV and the top management of Wuhu Shipyard celebrated the grand launching together.

As a high-end environment-friendly tanker, its construction is of great significance. First of all, it further opens up the global high-end tanker and the Nordic ship owner market, as well as lays the foundation for the continuous export of “Wuhu Shipyard Brand” to the world. Secondly, it fulfills the mission of green shipbuilding. And it fully complies with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) emission standard 3 (Tier III). Meanwhile, its DC battery bank auxiliary propulsion system makes zero emissions possible. Thirdly, with the concept of “home-like” vessel, it was built as the world’s most environment-friendly chemical tanker. Finally, it is the first dual fuel ship and Ice Class Reinforced ship in Anhui province, and realizes many new technology breakthroughs in shipbuilding industry in China. Wuhu Shipyard will continue to build reputation in the global high-end tanker and Nordic ship owner market, creating a good platform for future business expansion.



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In recent years, Wuhu Shipyard has focused on transformation and upgrading by carefully laying out its core products. In terms of manufacturing, lean production is taken as the breakthrough point, intelligent equipment is used to fully revitalize the advantages of robot manufacturing and flexible production capacity, and discrete manufacturing is firstly transformed into assembly line manufacturing. In terms of technology, the shipyard has 7 series aluminum alloy processing and welding technology, sheet manufacturing technology, vibration and noise reduction technology and many other domestic advanced levels. In terms of products, the shipyard is deeply involved in the liquid cargo ship market. At present, there are 13 LNG dual fuel propulsion ships under construction, ranking the top 3 in the domestic shipbuilding industry. With the goal of “continuously exporting Wuhu Shipyard brand to the world”, we will seize the strategic opportunity of “the 14th five year plan” development and build Wuhu Shipyard into a medium-sized shipyard with characteristic, branding and modernization. Wuhu Shipyard will continue to build fine products with the first-class construction level, so as to highlight brand of made-in-China. Strong brilliance will always be glowed in Wuhu Shipyard after a centennial history.


(The first 22000 DWT Hybrid Chemical Tanker is about to voyage for trial)

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