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Kerava Energy is to buy wind power from Gasum over the next 12 years

The energy company Gasum and Kerava Energy have entered into a long-term agreement on the supply of renewable wind power in Finland. The wind power is new wind power from Finland generated by Gasum’s partners.

Gasum has entered into a twelve-year wind power agreement to supply renewable wind power to Kerava Energy. The wind power is new wind power from Finland generated by Gasum’s partners. The partnership promotes Gasum’s strategy to supply cleaner energy to industry and for heat and power production.

The wind power agreement will ensure renewable Finnish wind power for Kerava Energy’s sales for twelve years and support the company on its journey towards zero CO2 emission energy production. Kerava Energy is a local energy company whose range pf products includes power and district heat, solar power systems, e-transport charging solutions and air-source heat pumps.

Jaakko Vehvilainen PMT

“The wind power agreement entered into with Gasum is important to us. We are aiming for CO2-free energy production by 2030. Around 90% of our energy is already produced using renewable fuels. We have now taken a giant leap forward and will be able to offer our customers cleaner wind power energy cost efficiently over a long period. The agreement supports our goal to promote a more sustainable future,” says Tari Solla, Director, Sales and Customer Relations at Kerava Energy.

Tommy Mattila-Vice president

“It’s pleasing to enter into a long-term wind power agreement with Kerava Energy. We’ve already long worked with the company in energy market services and this agreement further strengthens our partnership. Wind power has a key role in the transition to a cleaner future. We want to provide the most comprehensive services on the energy market to meet the needs of our partners and through our services help companies to reach their environmental goals,” says Tommy Mattila, Vice President, Industry at Gasum.

Gasum sells renewable electricity generated by hydro, wind or solar power or bioenergy to its customers. The company is a major actor in the wind power segment and strives to increase acquisition of renewable wind power also going forward. Gasum also provides energy market expert services like electricity market portfolio management and market reporting services, guarantees of origin for electricity, expert services for emissions trading and 24/7 control room services for electricity balance risk management. The company also offers biogas and natural gas for industry, maritime and road transport.