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NSB GROUP supports the digital project “Eyesea” to protect the oceans

Tim Ponath, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSB GROUP

Tim Ponath, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSB GROUP, is the new ambassador for the non-profit organization Eyesea. Eyesea has developed an app that enables seafarers to map marine pollution worldwide using their smartphones. NSB tests the app prototype in its own fleet and thus provides data for further development and evaluation.

Buxtehude – Tim Ponath, CEO of NSB GROUP, says, why he has taken up the role of Ambas- sador for the project: “We want to make a further contribution to sustainability with our support for Eyesea. The direct involvement of the crews and our ships makes this project so special. The data seafarers can collect from the different regions of the world is of great value and provides unique insights into ocean health. It is also important to me that we can derive concrete steps from the knowledge gained that can both help us effectively clean up and to prevent further pollution of our oceans.”

Eyesea’s founder, Graeme Somerville-Ryan, says: “We are very pleased – and very grateful – to have NSB GROUP onboard. Tim Ponath and the NSB-team saw the potential in what we are trying to do and understood this was going to require support, ships, seafarers, and in- dustry-wide cooperation to work. Tim’s focus on the value of data and ‘what next?’ is going to be vitally important as our data library builds and Eyesea grows.

The task at hand is large and difficult, but it is immensely rewarding getting the support of people like Tim Ponath. It’s not just ships we need. We need leaders in the industry to get involved at a personal level if we are really going to drive change.”

Eyesea is a non-profit organization which aim is to fight against ocean pollution. Concretely, the Eyesea team is developing an application enabling seafarers to report ocean pollution around the world. The seafarers can take pictures of spotted pollution and so, provide all the necessary information such as date and location, thanks to the picture data. This solution enables to map and improve the efficiency of the pollution cleaning and prevent further en- vironmental damage. NSB GROUP is participating in the prototype phase of this solution. NSB crew, on several vessels, are already taking pictures of the spotted pollutions and shar- ing them with Eyesea.