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Cyprus Shipping Chamber – 32 years anniversary

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber celebrates today its 32nd year anniversary, since its establishment in 1989. The last 32 years have given the Chamber plenty of reasons to be proud of, playing an active role in the defining moments of Cyprus Shipping and having in its long history a number of important achievements and multifaceted contribution to the Cyprus Shipping, Economy and Society in general. For the past 32 years, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber has acted as the “Voice” of the Cyprus Shipping Industry and as an active lobbying organisation constantly making sure that the legitimate interests of its Member-Companies as well as Cyprus Shipping in general, are adequately safeguarded, both at a local as well as at an international level. Today, the Cyprus Shipping Chamber ranks as one of the largest and esteemed national shipping associations, in the world and undoubtedly, “Navigates Cyprus Worldwide”.

In addition to its business and lobbying activities, the Chamber has in its core values a strong and consistent corporate social responsibility, believing that in order for an industry to flourish, the support of society is essential. Amongst other activities, the Chamber has been organising Blood Donations for the past 27 years, an annual Charity Annual Beach Volley Tournament, donating to the “One Dream – One Wish Association” the proceeds of this charitable event for over 20 Years and plays an important role in maritime education, promoting marine and maritime education to youngsters. 

The Shipping Chamber would like to warmly thank all its partners and business associates in the Government and private sector who have worked closely with us throughout the 32 years of its existence, as well as its Member-companies for their continued support and reiterates its ongoing commitment to passionately promote Cyprus Shipping and the Cyprus flag, as it has done for decades now.

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