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CSM Energy extends service offering with integral service platform

CSM Energy has announced its plans to expand from an asset management company in the oil and gas and renewable energy sector to an integral service platform in the energy sector, with a number of new services added to its portfolio.

Alongside its ship management service, the company’s offering now ranges from commercial management, financing, digital solutions, and environmental life-cycle management – including green ship recycling, HazMat audits and waste management – to terminal support services.

Responding to the digital transformation currently shaping the maritime industry, the company, formed in 2019, aims to be a partner for owners and operators in facilitating digitalisation by meeting the demand for increased levels of remote monitoring, data collection and analysis with a clear focus on providing bespoke digital solutions.

CSM Energy is being led by joint Managing Directors, Joachim Brack and Niki Makri. Joachim Brack said: “As more and more challenges face the industry, such as green ship recycling and digitalisation, we felt it was vital we responded to these challenges to help owners and operators navigate their businesses successfully through these potential minefields. Off the shelf solutions are just not practical anymore and we have designed and adapted our service offering to reflect that.

“The connected ship is no longer a vision for the future, it is a reality. We believe the future is now fully connected vessels with real near time information exchange.

“Each vessel has to be seen as a digital ecosystem. Standardisation of digital solutions can only take place to a certain degree, this is why our solutions have been designed on a modular basis, offers flexibility and can be completely tailored to our client’s needs,” he added.

One of the digital solutions CSM Energy is offering is the creation of the Performance Optimisation Control Room (POCR), which has been developed to optimise all the aspects of the navigational, operational and commercial performance of vessels.

The POCR can be accessed remotely on handheld devices, giving owners and operators the chance to monitor performance, as well as providing clients with a greater level of transparency and visibility of their operations.

Green ship recycling is another challenge set to face the industry and ship owners and operators must begin forward planning for this immediately, Niki Makri explained.

“Another field that becomes more and more important is compliance with new regulations for green ship recycling, handling of hazardous materials and waste disposal. With new requirements come additional challenges for owners and operators,” Niki Makri said.

“Looking at the currently unemployed, aging number of offshore support vessels and rigs, but also outdated renewable energy facilities, the demand for green recycling options is expected to increase in the years to come. Owners and operators need to be prepared for the time when their assets become due for decommissioning. More forward planning and a change of thinking towards a “from cradle to grave” approach will be necessary.”

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