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Intership Navigation is heading to a Digital Transformation journey

Intership Navigation runs SAP solutions successfully with Supernova Consulting’s support and implementation since 2012. The solutions included SAP® S/4HANA, SAP® Treasury and Risk Management, SAP® Process Orchestration, SAP® BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, SAP® BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC), as well as, SAP® Analytics Cloud for Intership Navigation. Intership Navigation upgraded from SAP® ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) to SAP® S/4HANA for improved business users experience and real time data analytics.

The solution’s structure is a combination of on-premise and cloud technologies. The complete, out-of-the-box interconnection of these solutions offers a single source of real-time information across the organization.

The essential software support to a growing business

Intership Navigation’s main business need was a new ERP software to support the group’s growing business and new market dynamics. The need for a single data platform to manage the:

  • Creation of the application and process basis for standardization of financial management of the group.
  • World-class reporting, resulting from improved data collection, database and reporting tools
  • Improvement of the group’s internal operations and management reporting requirements
  • Continuous improvement to provide fully integrated and flexible solutions which allow organizational change and evolvement of processes and structures

were the key business objectives to enable Intership Navigation’s business transformation.

Navigating to a Digital Transformation

The received executive support, the formation of a dedicated implementation team, the data visibility and improved decision making were the main implementation highlights.

Using tightly integrated solutions and advance reporting tools not only offered Intership Navigation’s Improved visibility and control, but at the same time, enabled the organization’s digital transformation with the ability to better manage cash positioning, liquidity forecast and loans.

Why choosing SAP and Supernova Consulting?

Supernova Consulting managed to successfully establish a management of Intership Navigation’s processes and information systems in one platform.

SAP, as a leading solution provider and an international business software with multi-language and country-specific legal requirements supporting a strong local presence, provided the essential solution scalability that was needed. Best practices as provided by the SAP systems can help streamline business processes.

The Head of Accounting and Financial Department, Intership Navigation Co. Ltd. Vryonis Kyperesis, stated: “Trying to find a suitable solution to support our multi-company and wide range of operations, we chose the SAP implementation, which proved to be the right choice. By providing a real-time operational visibility, SAP reduced our business complexity and enabled us to focus on achieving successful business outcomes by taking the correct operational decisions.”

Navigate your Digital Transformation Journey with Supernova Consulting!

About Intership Navigation:

Intership Navigation Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988 principally as a ship-owning company. The company has since expanded into full management and currently manages a fleet of around 80 vessels. In addition, Intership partly manages more than 100 ships on a crew management basis and employs some 5,000 seafarers of various nationalities. Intership strives to be globally recognised as the most reliable shipping company for its standards and completeness of services. It aims to increase competitiveness via improved effectiveness, efficiency and minimisation of costs while at the same time provide service excellence via high-quality, reliable and secure services.

The company’s target has always been not only to meet customers’ expectations, but to consistently exceed them. Intership Navigation was the first shipping company on the island to be certified for compliance with the “Investors in People” shore staff development program in 2013 and achieved Silver accreditation in 2019.   Intership places very high priority on the conservation and protection of the environment. Its policies are a clear indication of top management’s commitment and include energy conservation, waste reduction, pollution prevention and minimizing resource usage, both onboard and ashore. For Intership, conservation and protection come foremost from raising personnel awareness and consciousness and promoting a positive attitude towards its environmental policy.

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