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Yang Ming names new 2800 TEU vessel, YM Capacity

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp. (Yang Ming) held a naming ceremony for its 2,800 TEU class full container vessel ‘YM Capacity’ at CSBC’s Kaohsiung shipyard on October 20th. The ceremony was jointly officiated by Yang Ming Chairman Cheng Cheng-Mount and CSBC Chairman Cheng Wen-Lon. Mrs. Chiu Tseng-Yu, Senior Vice President of Yang Ming, was invited to officially name the 2,800 TEU vessel during the ceremony, wishing the new ship safe voyages and a prosperous future.

YM Capacity is the fifth of its ten 2,800 TEU newly built full container vessels. The newbuilding adopts the Sea Sword Bow design to improve energy efficiency and optimize hydrodynamic performances. Coupled with the installation of scrubber system, the ship has the benefits of greenhouse gas emissions reduction and cost saving. Furthermore, the vessel is equipped with Total Watch System which enables safer and more efficient navigation. In addition, its global satellite broadband and network layout capabilities will make Yang Ming more competitive in environmental protection and fleet management. YM Capacity is also one of the first vessels to receive DNV GL SmartShip notations, including “SmartShip OE (Operating Enhancement)” and “PE (Performance Enhancement)”, and CR Classification Society‘s “Smartship H, Et, I” notations.

YM Capacity will be deployed to Yang Ming’s JTS service on October 28th, 2020. In order to expand its market in Southeast Asia, Yang Ming will improve JTS service’s Japan – Taiwan – South China coverage by adding Port Kelang, Singapore, and Manila South Port effective October 21st. Through the linkage of Kaohsiung, Port Kelang and Singapore, the service will complement its current offerings in Southeast Asia and provide an easy connection with Yang Ming’s global service network. With the deployment of YM Capacity, the efficiency of JTS service will be significantly enhanced, and Yang Ming’s competitiveness in Southeast Asia will be greatly strengthened.

The revised port rotation of JTS will be Nagoya – Tokyo – Chiba – Yokohama – Keelung – Kaohsiung – Hong Kong – Shekou – Port Kelang – Singapore – Manila South Port – Kaohsiung – Hong Kong – Shekou – Xiamen – Nagoya.

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