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Remote Maritime support through Smart Glasses and Augmented Reality

Do you own/manage a maritime company? Are you in charge of one or more seagoing vessels? If yes, then at some point in the past, your ship must have gotten stuck at sea (or a faraway port) because of faulty equipment or maintenance checks. This has never happened to you? Well, the chances are high that it will happen in the future. Luckily for you, SEAHARMONY provides a solution that facilitates the remote repair and maintenance of vessel equipment.

Via our smart glasses and augmented reality interface, you can now commission expert maritime support from anywhere in the world. Even if the specialists are in a different country from the ship, they can still oversee repairs, conduct maintenance checks, sign-off on assessments, etc. This opens up a world of possibility in the shipping industry, and it helps shipowners minimize operation costs and cut out needless delays.

Do you need to have your vessel’s electronic equipment (e.g., alarm monitoring systems, navigational systems, cranes) checked out by a specialist in another country? Send a message to sales@seaharmony.co.uk immediately.

Also, choose SEAHARMONY for the remote inspection, maintenance, and repair of boiler control systems, electronic engines, navigational equipment, generators control, main switchboard/console automation, sensors, transducers, and ballast systems.

Why Trust Us?

Why should you entrust SEAHARMONY with your off-site ship repairs and maintenance needs? Simple! We are a leading name in electrical ship equipment procurement and repair, as well as in remote services and emerging technologies. Over the past few years, we have provided several customers with a broad spectrum of high-end equipment, troubleshooting support, inspections, and so on.

SEAHARMONY also facilitates remote maintenance assistance, compass adjustment, virtual on-board inspections, and maritime training. All our services are backed by sophisticated quality control, and we leverage new technologies supported by virtual and augmented reality.

We leave no stone unturned, no wave untouched, and no vessel schedule interrupted. We are the maritime company that keeps you sailing in the right direction so that you can focus on the journey. With over two decades of experience on the open sea, we know what’s needed to keep you moving forward and are dedicated to providing you with all the help you may need.

For enquiries, please visit our website or send a message to sales@seaharmony.co.uk.


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