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Teekay is using technological innovation to manage work/rest hour compliance at sea

At Teekay, we are always looking for new and innovative solutions to help us deliver operational excellence. In 2019, we sought to transform the way we manage and measure rest/work compliance on board to help our seafarers avoid fatigue and stay safe – but without burdening our seafarers with additional documentation. As part of our digital transformation journey, we focused on technological innovation and the resulting next-generation rest/work management solution was born: Rest Manager.

Rest Manager uses tailor-made facial recognition software to allow our seafarers to register work and rest our data in real-time without a single key stroke. By deploying Rest Manager on wall-mounted tablets in strategic locations on board, updating work/rest data is a simple one-step process for our seafarers.

It is a well-documented fact that human error accounts for too many maritime accidents; with fatigue and overexertion being a prominent causal factor. One of the serious pain-points for crews on board vessels – as well as shore side organisations supporting global fleets – is how to possibly avoid fatigue for all crew members, stay compliant and at same time manage the Rest/Work hours efficiently on board. We always put safety first and are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to deliver Operational Excellence. From this, the idea of a real-time, holistic and transparent rest/work hour management system was born.
Capt. Mukund Sharma, Deputy Head of Ship Management, Teekay Tankers

Additionally, Rest Manager makes it easy for vessel managers to access real-time analytics, such as safe call out times for resting crew members, so they can keep crew well-rested and safe on board.

The application is now running on 48 of our conventional fleet vessels, giving unprecedented insights and advantages to the crew on board. The successful implementation of the Rest Manager solution earned Teekay Tankers the “Innovation and Technology Adaption Award” at CrewConnect Global 2019 event!