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Cyprus Marine Club’s 5th Annual General Meeting and Elections to Board of Directors 2020-2022

The AGM was opened by Secretary General – Mrs. Julia Paczkowska and then followed by Capt. Koch, Cyprus Marine Club President’s inspirational  address and annual report.

Finally we are here again!  How much I missed to be here, surrounded by so many bright  faces…Every “Get together” of our Members is for me, personally, very special, every AGM and Election extremely  important  but this 2020- the 5th  AGM of Cyprus Marine Club is more remarkable than ever because it symbolizes overcoming the global crisis. 

So, I encourage all today: live your life. Sure, keep precautions, wear a mask in stores, and wash your hands often, but also take advantage of the slowed economy to do things you had wished you had time to do: Speak with friends, do a hobby, love more, do volunteer work by phone or on the internet. Upgrade your skills and networking connections so when the economy recovers and it will recover, you’ll be ready.

Capt. Koch  thanked Members and Board Members for their  support in the last two years which contributed to great success.  Capt. Koch  shared his personal reflection about the presidency so far.“  Being President of Cyprus Marine Club is a role that I have taken very seriously from day one and now I feel it is not only my role but my duty, honor and passion.  With your kind approval I would like to steam ahead. These three years passed in a blink of an eye and I am really proud with  results being achieved every consecutive year.  ”

Special words of appreciation and recognition  were given to all CMC sponsors whose support is unquestionable:- Platinum Sponsors: Bureau Veritas; UMAR/ WSR; Tototheo Maritime, OL Shipping Group. Gold SponsorPrestige Group and Silver Sponsors: HEMPEL, EPSCO and FML Ship management.

Capt. Koch reported that the Club counts now 126 Members and the number has more than tripled since he took over the presidency of CMC.

 Following President’s speech addresses were delivered by the Club’s  valued Platinum  Sponsor: Totootheo Maritime represented by Andreas Chrysostomou/ UMAR WSR- represented by Mr. Thrasos Tsangarides/ FML Shipmanagement – by Mr. S. Kapoor and EPSCO by Mr. Andreas Ioannou.

Great closure of the AGM was announcement of  New Board of Directors for 2020- 2022:-

Capt. Koch Eberhard – President ( Re – elected and Appointed)

Mr.  Attas Nicos – Deputy President ( Re – elected and Appointed)

Mr. Tsangarides Thrasos – Vice President (Elected and  Appointed)

Mrs. Paczkowska Julia – Secretary General  ( Re- elected and Appointed)

Mr.  Filippou Michael  – Treasurer (Re – elected and Appointed)

Capt. Adami E. H. ( Re- elected  Board Member)

Mr. Charalambous Lazaros ( elected Board Member)

Mr. Chrysostomou Andreas ( elected Board Member)

Mr. Kapoor Sunil  (Re – elected Board Member)

Mr. Kleanthous Athos ( Re- elected Board Member)

Capt. Legowski Aleksander ( Re- elected Board Member)

A beautiful cocktail reception in splendid environment near the sea, opened to VIP guests and members of the Club, ended  close to midnight… Compliments to Marios Nicolaou/ PNS  and entire team at Marina Beach Bar

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