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Hanseaticsoft launches ‘Efficiency Booster bundle’ to enable shipping companies to automate business processes during Coronavirus and beyond

To help shipping companies digitalise essential business processes during the Coronavirus pandemic, Hanseaticsoft, a leading provider of maritime software has launched anEfficiency Booster bundle giving companies access to 15 applications which are part of its Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) portfolio.

With many companies facing changes to normal working practices including more staff working remotely or having to self-isolate on board or on shore in different locations, having a digital infrastructure to enable employees to work effectively together, whilst apart is crucial.

The Efficiency Booster bundle is designed to help companies eliminate hidden information silos and share data and information no matter where employees are located, enabling them to streamline processes, work more efficiently and free up time to focus on other tasks.

The Efficiency Booster doesn’t require time-consuming installation or migration, and all applications run natively in the browser, so no desktop applications or browser-plugins are required and they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. To gain insights on the move, the bundle is also complemented by a free Android and iOS app called ‘CFM Go’ to enable untethered mobility.

Software apps include a Partner Portal for sharing information with partner organisations to ensure supply chains are not interrupted; Employees app to manage all employee data; Holidays app for planning staff absences and MRV & IMO DCS to ensure continued compliance with regulations at a touch of a button.

There is also a Port app which can help crew find contact details and other information quickly and a Disturbance Report app for managing service requests and assigning them directly to the person responsible.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft said, “In the shipping industry there is a constant pressure to drive efficiencies and find operational savings. This is being amplified during the coronavirus pandemic with companies facing challenges around working practices and putting established ways of working to the test.

“Accessing and exchanging of information, as well as collaboration between colleagues on and off shore, can become difficult, if not even impossible without a robust digital infrastructure. Our Efficiency Booster bundle gives shipping companies the ability to introduce a digital system quickly to manage processes more efficiently no matter where office staff and crew are based and give access to data in real-time.

“Companies benefit from this software immediately, helping them to overcome challenges due to Coronavirus, but it will also set them up for the future giving them the digital tools to become more efficient operationally and remain competitive.”

The Cloud Fleet Manager Efficiency Booster is delivered as a SaaS solution with shipping companies paying a monthly subscription fee for every vessel they want to integrate with the software. Shipping companies can request a demo by clicking here.

For further information please visit Hanseaticsoft.com

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