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Remote Vessel Assessment – Online Reports – Solution To Handle Corona Restrictions

Remote Vessel Assessment Versus Technical Inspections

Currently global society, including the maritime industry, is facing unparalleled challenges due to thespread of the corona virus. As the wellbeing and health of our customers, business partners, employees and their families is our priority, we have taken action and implemented measures to reduce social contact accordingly and continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the guidelines and recommendations from the authorities.

Weselmann remains however fully operational and will continue to deliver, despite the challenges of the Corona crisis. Valuations and technical analyses and consultancy services are still provided as before – also taking into account the impact on the markets of to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

As travel constraints are now widely enforced and access to ports/terminals/vessels is highly restricted or even not possible at all, physical inspections of ships in service are very challenging.

We strive to deliver the service for inspection and technical assessments required by our clients also under the current circumstances, however in the current situation, there are cases where physical attendance for inspection on board is not possible. A solution could be Remote Vessel Assessment, which is a service WESELMANN provides.

WESELMANN can provide a standard solution for the process and remote assessment, however the scope of the evaluation can also be discussed and defined in accordance with the needs of the client. A checklist is sent to the vessel and the crew is instructed to provide information and take photographs of all major components and areas of the ship. This information thus gathered is then analysed by a team of Weselmann experts along with existing documentation to be provided by the vessel’s managers.

This includes:

  • Technical data
  • Class records
  • Performance reports
  • Maintenance and overhaul records
  • Lube oil analyses
  • Port/flag state control reports
  • ISM records
  • Docking reports
  • Hand-over reports
  • Crew inspection reports including photos

Comprehensive online remote inspection reports are supplied with assessment and conclusion based upon the data and information provided. Rest assured that Weselmann will continue doing the utmost to providethe services needed and help you to reduce the impact on your business during the current Corona crisis. We will be very pleased to explain the concept of Remote Vessel Assessment and discuss your needs and requirements for the assessment. Please take every precaution to keep safe and healthy and in case of any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local contact at one of our offices in Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong or mainland China.


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