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George Marinakis- CEO, SetelHellas SA – Coping- Adapting – Overcoming during Covid-19

As COVID-19 pandemic has cast a huge shadow over the globe, more and more companies are starting to work remotely, and the market is figuring out how to do business from home. As a result, today corporate offices are less important and working remotely is not only preferable, but also often mandatory.

In the light of this “new normal”, everyone around the world is experiencing the value that digital technology is offers, enabling us to run our business functions online while we remain efficient and productive.

The need to stay home and work as part of a virtual team through shared goals, is propelling the digital developments while highlighting the today’s differences across employees and shipping companies to a grate extent.

In a period of weeks, almost any process that could enhance remote monitoring & control, efficiency & productivity as well as crew safety and welfare, has been digitized further.— think of sensor-assisted performance monitoring solutions enabling you to track and optimize your vessel’s operation remotely, on board video cameras enabling vessel’s surveillance from your computer or mobile device at any time and maritime telemedicine enabling seafarers remote diagnosis and treatment.

In just two months the global business has been turned upside down. We are seeing the world in a locked-down! We are seeing, some “traditional-sectors” of maritime business, to be increasingly open and ready to get the most out of digital technologies, taking their business to new directions; Surveyors, avoid nonessential travel to areas

with local transmission of corona virus and therefore their classifications have moved to remote survey and inspections. In just two months, we are seeing the most rapid organizational change in the maritime working environment!

Today, digitizing the operating model of a shipping company is not simply a recipe for higher performance, but much more important for company’s business sustainability and worker employment. This is creating a new business model that will radically change the market we serve. The companies that cannot adapt quickly will be left way behind, exposing their business and employees to increasing risk of financial and mental distress.

Throughout this new business model and the ongoing pandemic, we are all trying to cope and adapt with unprecedented levels of uncertainty. But together, we are NOT powerless in the face of uncertainty…

setelhellas logoThe impact of the pandemic crisis has reinforced the value of SetelHellas digital solutions. We- at SetelHellas, are helping our clients to own, control and benefited from their data, enabling them to handle this unprecedented situation and lead their business through it. The fundamental technology, control and Insights You Need is a combination of our maritime solutions. We provide our clients with the digital tools to keep their business running remotely, manage their operation through crisis in real-time and promote resilience to all stakeholders through the difficult times, by adding an increasingly important new dimension to digital operating models: A trusted Virtual-Work business model!

In closing- all of us at SetelHellas, pray for a fast end to this crisis and look forward to a speedy “Restart” that will surely come and will come from the sea.

Source: maritimes.gr

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