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Inmarsat wins two MSUA Mobility Innovation awards

Inmarsat’s L-band Advanced Communications Element (LACE) II solution has been named as the winner of the “Top Government Mobility Satcom Innovation” category in the prestigious Mobile Satellite User Association’s (MSUA) 2020 Mobility Innovation Awards.

In addition, our SATCOM as a Service campaign has been named winner in the “Best Mobility Marketing Campaign” category.

This is the fourth time in five years that our technology has won an award, testament to the value we consistently deliver to our government and military customers.

Record-breaking rates

The LACE II solution, with its efficient terminal size, weight and power (SWaP), is an ideal choice for military and civilian government users that require mission-critical, high-rate data feeds to and from remote locations, worldwide.

Integrating the latest advancements in compact, high-throughput L-band terminals, the high-gain, two-way terminal delivers record-breaking data rates up to 8Mbps across Inmarsat’s reliable, global L-band space and ground network.

Government-tested and in use today, LACE II is a lightweight, easy-to-use, rapid-pointing terminal the size of a laptop and weighing in at only 10.8lbs. The terminal uses the award-winning Wideband Streaming L-band (WiSL) innovative lease capability and, from the moment the transit case is opened, connectivity is established in less than two minutes.

Purpose-built solution

SATCOM as a Service is the next-generation model for delivering value to government customers. Based on our 40 plus years as a leader in global mobility solutions, which are unique in the market, SATCOM as a Service delivers an end-to-end, fully integrated capability that brings mobile, high-throughput connectivity the way users seek it: easily, affordably and operationally available no matter where they operate.

Through our commitment to continual innovation and focus on serving government markets, SATCOM as a Service is recognized as a purpose-built solution for government users who require worldwide mobility delivered through a single subscription.

SATCOM as a Service is a readily available alternative to address government users’ most essential communications challenges. It allows for rapid delivery of proven technology and on-going innovation that covers satellites, ground infrastructure and type-approved terminals to provide a fast, cost-effective solution.

Agile communications

Our forward-looking innovation arrives at no capital expense for customers. Once Inmarsat implements and tests these new technology-enabled improvements, subscribed users simply “connect” and enjoy the benefits.

“Today’s government agencies and military forces are more mobile than ever, and require agile communications systems – and SATCOM is a critical enabler for mission success,” said Steve Gizinski, Chief Technology Officer, Inmarsat Government.

“As a trusted commercial owner/operator, Inmarsat understands and supports the government’s drive toward a fully-integrated SATCOM architecture and has invested heavily into enhancing SATCOM mobility, flexibility, redundancy, throughput, resilience and protection. The MSUA awards are a testament to the hard work of Inmarsat’s team and our continued commitment to the success of our customers’ missions.”

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