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PGS partners with Cognite to optimise vessel efficiency

PGS has entered into an agreement with Cognite to reduce vessel operating costs and improve efficiency.

Leveraging fleet productivity and technology is an important pillar of PGS business strategy. PGS is using its digital transformation process to accelerate strategy execution. In cooperation with Cognite, PGS has launched two digitalisation workstreams aiming at improving fleet performance; refining approaches to optimise fuel consumption and reducing maintenance cost by actively monitoring equipment via contextualised data.

“As part of our digital transformation journey, we are partnering with Cognite in order to extract the full value of our vessel operations and assets. The use of data to drive decision making and reduce costs will be important for us to leverage our fleet productivity and technology,” said Rob Adams, executive vice president of operations in PGS.

Both projects will leverage Cognite Data Fusion’s core technology to extract data from different source systems, making different types of data related to one piece of equipment easily accessible within a single interface. Cognite Data Fusion is a software package that integrates seamlessly with existing IT/OT infrastructures and liberates a wide variety of industrial data from siloed source systems.

Source: VPO Global

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