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Korean Register launches new apps and online service for customers

Online paperless service includes fleet management, inspections and electronic drawing approval

Korean Register (KR) has released a newly-upgraded suite of online services for customers. Announced by KR Chairman and CEO Lee Hyung-chul on 12 February 2020, the new services include KR e-Fleet v2 for fleet management, KR e-MESIS v2 for managing the inspection and approval of material and equipment and KR EDAS v2 for electronic drawing approval.

Lee Hyung-chul said, “KR has been developing its own IT programs for customers for years and building a paperless service environment, such as inspection certificates and drawings, in preparation for the era of the fourth industrial revolution. We expect that the new online services for our customers will increase customers’ convenience as well as improving efficiency by digitizing works between classification and customers, which were previously conducted offline.”

The online services, which are offered through websites and mobile apps, allow customers to manage their fleet, as well as apply for the inspection and approval of both equipment and materials. Customers can also expect to receive support for drawing approval without the need for paper documents.

The KR e-Fleet v2 application’s fleet management system provides a vessel management mobile service, designed to let users check the status of ship inspection applications from their phone. Additionally, users can get information relating to the inspection, audit and location of a ship, all in real-time. These services were formerly provided through the website, by the existing KR e-Fleet. The Global Network also provides information on the KR branch nearest to a customer’s location.

Furthermore, the KR e-Fleet v2 website has added a new function to facilitate ship management by linking the ship’s location and inspection (audit) details.

KR e-MESIS, a total management system for the inspection and approval of material and equipment, has simultaneously launched a website and app. The KR e-MESIS v2 app, newly introduced this year, allows users to apply for the inspection of equipment and materials anywhere in the world. The app also lets users check information on related certificates. The electronic certificate can be downloaded from the app, shortening the time it would otherwise take to provide data to equipment manufacturers. It also provides the user with easy access to previous inspection and approval records.

The KR EDAS v2 electronic drawing approval system is available on the web, enabling drawing approval works to be processed online for KR customers. As customers can manage drawings online from application to reply, it is expected that they will be able to reduce the time and cost needed to approve drawings drastically. As the system provides KR rules online and the Rule-Calculator function required for approval, strength calculations can be submitted conveniently online under the relevant regulations.

The apps can be downloaded from the KR homepage (www.krs.co.kr) or via Google Play and App Store.

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