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OneOcean is making life easier for ship owners, managers and crew with a single solution to manage maritime compliance and navigation challenges. 

There are ever-increasing and demanding compliance and regulatory requirements to fulfil from IMO, Flag-State and MARPOL.  Evidence and audit trails demonstrating fulfilment of compliance are needed for Port-State Control, customers, head office and other authorities.  For the crew on board, keeping up to date is an increasingly time-consuming challenge.

Simplify the process and enable your teams to move vessels quickly, efficiently and compliantly with a single integrated platform for compliance and navigation management

The Oneocean platform provides solutions around four main concerns within the maritime industry:

  • Voyage Optimisation
  • Compliance
  • Safety
  • Environmental

OneOcean is the largest single digital solutions company in the maritime industry. The business supports nearly 20,000 vessels in their regulatory compliance and navigational activities, by providing innovative and integrated software solutions designed specifically for onboard and shoreside teams.