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With over 20 years of expertise, we understand the specific data needs of the maritime industry. Our reliable services and unrivalled 24/7 support help simplify the complexity of remote connectivity, keeping you secure and travelling in the right direction.

We are more than just email, our fully optimised and secure fleet solutions are thoroughly tested to give you the highest availability and redundancy of service. Our global technical support makes life easier for both crew and shore-based IT. Always looking out for our customers to ensure you are regulation-ready and running at optimal operation performance

Our solutions deliver value across the data chain;

GTMailPlus. A secure, reliable cloud based service ? developed specifically for the maritime industry to deliver performance, reliability and intelligent operation.

GTReplicate. Using GTMaritime’s FastNet data transfer platform, GTReplicate provides a solution to the replication of data between ship and shore, allowing centralised fleet management and delivering greater compliance levels / assurance.

GTDeploy installs, uninstalls and updates programs in the background requiring no user interaction, using the FastNet Platform for transferring programs with granular bandwidth control, throttling, priorisation and optimisation.

GTSentinel. A comprehensive antivirus solution, designed to protect the vessel whilst minimising the impact on low bandwidth networks.

GTSeaMail. A robust, secure and cost effective email solution specifically optimised for smaller vessels such as barges, fishing vessels, offshore supply, coastal and inland cargo and leisure craft.

Crew Solutions. A range of products are available for business to help support crews whilst at sea including GTNews4Crew, GTMail4Crew and GTPersonalAccounts