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Cooperation protocol between the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and the Cyprus University of Technology

In the context of strengthening and cultivating further relations between the two organizations, a cooperation protocol was signed today between the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and the Cyprus University of Technology in order to expand their scientific cooperation, which concerns issues of shipping and integrated maritime policy.

The cooperation protocol that will be implemented provides for joint cultural, scientific, educational activities as well as consulting services and studies. In addition, there will be participation of both bodies in research and development programs while there will be an exchange of information and know-how on issues of common interest.

On the occasion of his visit to TEPAK, the Shipping Deputy Minister presented and analysed to the leadership and the academic community the new strategic vision for the Cypriot Shipping entitled “SEA Change 2030” for the coming years and in what ways the cooperation protocol can contribute to its implementation.

In his statements, Mr. Demetriades mentioned that: “The Cooperation Protocol that we signed today strengthens the synergies and contributes to the creation of a framework for strengthening the scientific potential of Cyprus in the field of shipping. In order for the future of Cyprus shipping to be sustainable and to have prospects for further development, it is imperative that we focus on education and the training of our human resources. In this context, we welcome the creation of a Shipping Department by TEPAK and express our readiness to assist in the efforts to create programs that will meet the challenges of shipping and the requirements of the shipping industry. “

Welcoming the Shipping Deputy Minister and his team at TEPAK, the Rector of the University, Professor Panagiotis Zafeiris expressed his joy and satisfaction for the signing of the Cooperation Protocol between TEPAK and the Shipping Deputy Ministry, which provides for, among others education and research, focusing on shipping and integrated maritime policy.

Rector Zafeiris also welcomed the willingness and readiness of the Ministry to contribute, with its participation in the advisory committee, to the establishment of the new Maritime Department at the School of Management and Economics of TEPAK, under an agreement with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Youth. The new Department will aim, he noted, to provide high quality education on issues related to the crucial importance of the shipping sector for Cyprus and to meet the modern and changing needs of the shipping industry and to scientifically trained and specialised human resources.

He also stressed the importance of establishing an academic Maritime Department in Limassol, which is, he added, one of the top ship management centers in the world, while the shipping sector is one of the most important sectors of economic activity in the city. The Rector also referred to the prospects and opportunities that open up, since the establishment of the Department, for the development of collaborations with shipping companies that are active and based in Cyprus, contributing to make TEPAK an important educational and research center in the field of shipping, in local and regional level.

Professor Panagiotis Zafeiris also referred to the proposal submitted by TEPAK to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth for the establishment of a Department of Marine and Aquatic Biology at the School of Geotechnical Sciences and Environmental Management. The Shipping Deputy Minister was accompanied by the Deputy Director General as well as officials of the Shipping deputy Ministry.