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Norwegian Coastal Administration digitalises operations with Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight

Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce that the Norwegian Coastal Administration has taken the next step in its digitalization journey by signing up to Kongsberg Digital’s data infrastructure subscription service, Vessel Insight, and the performance application Vessel Performance.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is a national agency for coastal management, maritime safety and preparedness against acute pollution. Their vision is to make the Norwegian coast and waters the safest and purest in the world. This includes, among other goals, enabling safe navigation and a clean environment whilst maintaining quality throughout all operations and always being present when needed. Now, they are looking for digital tools to make their operations more data driven.

“Digitalization plays a critical role in transforming the maritime industry towards more sustainable, accurate and efficient operations,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, EVP Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital. “The question is not whether there is an increased focus on digitalization, but rather how fast we can enable the transformation towards a more data-driven and sustainable fleet. We are very happy to be working with the Norwegian Coastal Administration to help them achieve their goals.”

Digitalization in the maritime industry will enable increased efficiency, safety and facilitate meeting enhanced environmental standards. Kongsberg Digital’s data infrastructure and subscription-based service, Vessel Insight, gives maritime operators a low-threshold, viable way to start their digitalization journey. The vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure ensures customers can capture and aggregate quality data from their fleet. This data will be used to run applications tailored to various needs and goals, all available in KONGSBERG’s application marketplace. The marketplace hosts KONGSBERG, OEM and 3rd party developed applications.

“In the Norwegian Coastal Administration, we want to achieve the most efficient and environmentally friendly operation of our vessels. With that goal in mind, optimizing energy use and reducing emissions are two important factors. With Kongsberg Digital’s solution, this is what we achieve,” says Kurt-Ivar Gram Franck, Technical Manager in the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration will install Vessel Insight on their first vessels during Q3 2021.