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Cypriot shipping entrepreneur Charalambos Manoli who was linked with the ownership of Rhosus ship strongly denies the recent press allegations

Charalambos Manoli

In a press release, Famagusta-born Manoli states categorically that what has come to light in recent days regarding him is entirely inaccurate.

The devastating events that occurred in neighbouring Beirut, Lebanon on 04 August 2020 continue to concern the international media, as expected. Before anything else, I wish to express my deepest sorrow for the loss of so many of our fellow human beings and my undying sympathy for their families. There were also a great many people injured in the explosion, and my thoughts are also with them and their families.

“Nevertheless, I regret to note that, in relation to myself and/or my professional activities and the RHOSUS ship, there have been a number of unfounded reports which have created an inaccurate and defamatory image of me and my activities. With my only motive that of restoring the truth, I must state categorically that what has come to light in recent days regarding me is entirely inaccurate.

  • A company of interest was the owner of the ship, RHOSUS, from 2010 until 28/05/2012.
  • TETO SHIPPING LTD (“TETO”) of the Marshall Islands was granted the usufructuary right of the ship in question on the basis of a bareboat charter agreement dated 22/05/2012 (filed in the Competent Register on 28/05/20212); this agreement granted TETO the right to acquire ownership of the ship in question at its expiry, as it happened.
  • Any relationship with the ship RHOSUS on my part ceased to exist as of June 2012, as is apparent from the Ship Continuous Synopsis Record issued by the country where the vessel was registered.
  • In the course of my business activities, a company of interest has been established to lend to the purchase of the ship SHAKALIN, and an agreement was signed with FBME bank on 04/10/2011.
  • This loan was terminated by FBME in January 2012, just three months after the acquisition of the ship SHAKALIN. FBME took possession of the ship SHAKALIN by exercising a right granted to it as a mortgage lender. At the same time, in an action registered in the Limassol District Court, FBME proceeded to court against the owner of the ship SHAKALIN and against me personally as guarantor of the loan.
  • This was followed by the sale of the ship SHAKALIN in an auction held in HONG KONG. Despite the fact that the claim on the whole amount of the loan had been settled by overpayment, FBME claimed further interest and costs, alleging that those had accrued after the sale of the ship.
  • By decision of 02/05/2018, the Limassol District Court, found against FBME and rejected FBME’s claim for costs; these costs have not yet been paid.

“The above facts disprove any connection or interconnection alleged between me and the RHOSUS vessel at the material time, as well as the fallacious claims that any action on my part has been in service of any interests of FBME.

“Again, our prayers are for the victims of this terrible tragedy.”

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